KML Project Sustainability

Energy saving passive solar design with sustainable real estate development

Kachina Mountain Lodge Project Sustainability

Some of the “green” features that are available for the KML’s eco-homes and project include:


  • Energy saving passive solar design
  • Solar thermal air and hydronic systems
  • Annualized geo-solar solutions
  • Solar  electricity
  • Groundwater sourced geothermal energy use
  • Renewable building materials, including local native stone masonry and heavy timber construction made from local sustainably-harvested dead standing timber
  • Green building technologies and construction methods
  • Permaculture based rain water and snow melt catchment systems
  • Regeneratively-sustainable Permaculture landscaping solutions
  • Onsite greenhouses with hydroponic and aquaponic systems to demonstrate how our  alpine community can grow organic fruit, herbs and produce onsite
  • Expansion of our existing community wetland park
  • Flexible mixed-use  residential development with enough commercial Live/Work content intended to help manifest a sustainable year-round economy for all of Taos Ski Valley