sustainable real estate development

 Our Commitment to Sustainability & Environmental Stewardship
As active longstanding members of the Taos Ski Valley community, the Kachina Mountain Lodge founders have initiated and contributed to comprehensive community planning efforts, village-wide sustainable community initiatives, related community arts & entertainment programs, a variety of parks & recreation projects and a river habitat restoration/enhancement project intended to improve local fishery habitat for species that include the endangered native Rio Grande Cutthroat trout.  


Demonstrating our commitment to preserve and enhance our community’s precious natural and cultural resources for present and future generations, the Kachina Mountain Lodge project has been carefully conceived as Taos Ski Valley’s first regeneratively sustainable real estate development project. KML will be designed, developed, constructed, operated & maintained in a manner that conserves earth resources, contributes to community open space and promotes sustainable year-round community growth and prosperity. KML residents, visitors and guests will be able to proudly savor a better quality of life with a clean conscience, as responsible earth stewards.