Kachina Community

Alpine Wilderness Eco-Resort Community


Our Alpine Wilderness Eco-Resort Community


Introducing a prospect for the ultimate alpine wilderness eco-resort community experience, existing Alpine Wilderness Eco-Community Master Planning for the Kachina Basin has fledged out opportunities for several Boutique Hotels, Restaurants, Convenience Store, Organic Food producing Permaculture Greenhouses & Landscaping, Creative Arts & Culture Center, Indoor/Outdoor Entertainment Facilities, Nature Center, Equestrian Center, Training & Fitness Center, Rejuvenating Holistic Spa with indoor/outdoor Pool, Medicinal Plant Distillery, Renewable Energy Farm, a variety of Alpine Wilderness Residences, Wilderness Camping & “Glamping” facilities, year-round wilderness recreation facilities, open space amenities and natural systems restoration/enhancement.


Our community’s existing planning efforts have also identified that suggested commercial uses can only be realized if a critical mass of residential occupancy is achieved. In an effort to help manifest this residential priority goal, the Kachina Mountain Lodge project has been recently redesigned to offer 8 Luxury Mountain Homes that are now fully approved as part of a new wilderness eco-community project, demonstrating how alpine resort communities can become regeneratively sustainable. 


For this project, Kachina Mountain Lodge teamed up with the non-profit GaiaQuest Center for Global Heath and Well-Being to provide a whole systems Permaculture based approach to our project’s planning and design, that all successful regeneratively sustainable community projects require. As part of this project, GaiaQuest will also be introducing wholesome evolving Permaculture based Alpine Eco-Lifestyle Education Programs that introduce a new regeneratively sustainable quality of life benchmark for our community’s families, guests and visitors, demonstrating the best possible sustainable alpine eco-resort lifestyle available today !


Come visit our Alpine Wilderness Eco-Resort Community and the Kachina Mountain Lodge Project, where a limited number of premiere Real Estate Properties are For Sale now in Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico.


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