The Kachina Mountain Lodge (KML) development supports Taos Ski Valley’s sustainable lifestyle community goal to embrace people of different life stages, lifestyles, professions, incomes and interests by encouraging a much livelier and richer social fabric that also contributes to a well-balanced year-round community. For this purpose KML has teamed up with the GaiaQuest Center for Global Heath and Well-Being to provide our homeowners and guests with the best eco-resort lifestyle programs and amenities.  Please visit GaiaQuest’s website for more information about our affiliate partner »


As part of our mission to support responsible community growth, Kachina Mountain Lodge will add important residential and a limited amount of commercial Live/Work content to Kachina’s unique pedestrian oriented euro-alpine wilderness village experience. Residents and visitors are provided with an opportunity to leave their cars and urban lives behind for awhile to experience a peaceful rustic wilderness lifestyle that enhances the senses with rarefied clear mountain air, unspoiled majestic mountain wilderness, a reconnection with nature, climbing a 13,000′ peak and sharing fine Bavarian style cuisine with family and friends at our neighbor’s internationally acclaimed Bavarian Lodge and Restaurant.


Our area’s world-renowned “Taos Experience” is packed full of exciting local and regional culture, arts, entertainment and recreational activities. Whether you come to TSV for the world class skiing and snowboarding or for cross country skiing, snow shoeing, swimming, biking, hiking, fishing, river rafting, ballooning, golf, disc golf, rock climbing, backpacking, music festivals, healing arts, ballet classes, chamber music workshops, Taos  art galleries,  a visit to Taos Pueblo or just relaxing by a river or lake; the unique lifestyle and adventures offered by our community become memories that we all can share for a lifetime as traditions families can pass along for generations.

 Kachina Mountain Lodge – A community of Eco-Homes that offer exciting sustainable Lifestyle Opportunities

lifestyle community, Taos Ski ValleyOutdoor Adventures In Taos Ski Valley  

In March 2008, Taos welcomed snowboarders to its slopes for the first time. From lessons to rental gear, snowboarders of any level will find everything they need at Taos. This epic change brought families and vitality back to Taos ski Valley that includes a new wave of growth and prosperity for Taos Ski Valley, even in these changing economic times. As a result, Taos Ski Valley now offers one of the most potent ski resort real estate opportunities available in the Rocky Mountains today.


Taos Ski Valley’s winters are bountiful with growing activities that presently include resort hosted beer festivals, numerous ski and snowboarding competitions,  races and clinics as well as ongoing workshops and camps for all levels.

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Summer in Taos Ski Valley offers a cool mountain experience with bountiful outdoor activities, including mountain biking, rock climbing, fishing, llama trekking, horseback riding and numerous hiking trails. Throughout the summer months the valley is alive with music performances and sporting events. Our community also offers opportunities for golf and ballooning in nearby Taos along with river rafting on nearby wild waters of the Rio Grande.


Since motorized vehicles are not allowed off-road in Taos Ski Valley’s national forest and wilderness areas, mountaineering experiences here are uniquely pure, serene and peaceful. Vacationing here offers everyone a refreshing new path in life.

Enchanted Circle Festival Arts and Entertainment  

Unlike any other ski resort in the Rockies, the magical Taos experience offers unique and longstanding creative and artistic traditions dating back to 1300 AD when Taos and Picuris Pueblo residents literally used local clay to make their renowned Micaceous pottery. Later Spanish introduced their religious traditions, symbols and artistic techniques that merged with those of the indigenous Pueblo residents. European influence arrived in 1898 when two European artists (Bert G. Phillips and Ernest L. Blumenschein) got so enchanted with the area when they stopped to fix a broken wagon wheel, they elected to stay on in Taos. Soon after, the Taos Society of Artists was created and Taos became thriving artist colony that attracted some of the world’s most famous painters.



Our area’s notorious and culturally-rich creative freedom heritage continues to thrive today where creativity is a Taos tradition and a way of life, as demonstrated by our community’s prolific and wonderful architecture, paintings, sculpture, pottery, glass blowing, creative writing, literature, music, theater, opera, culinary arts, digital arts, film and more.  Year round, residents and visitors enjoy this longstanding celebration of creativity and its transformative effects while attending concerts, participating in workshops, experiencing festivals and by visiting our area’s galleries, studio tours, art museums and the Taos Pueblo.



As part of this longstanding Taos tradition, Taos Ski Valley offers year-round arts and entertainment programs and events located in a nurturing alpine environment conducive to the creative development of local visual and performing arts.Presently Taos Ski Valley offers live music concerts, the Taos Mountain Music Festival, the Enchanted Circle Festival, Taos Opera Institute, Taos School of Music, Oktoberfest, wine festivals, art workshops and more. Our community’s arts and entertainment organizers share a mission to develop and provide exciting year-round arts & entertainment workshops, festivals and events that embody and symbiotically embrace the creative heritage of Taos, global health, sustainability and the spirit of our community’s precious mountain location.